The Yaschik/Arnold Jewish Studies Program

Welcome! The Yaschik/Arnold Jewish Studies Program aims to serve College of Charleston students and others with an interest in Judaism through offerings emphasizing academics, student life, and community outreach, in order that they may gain a greater understanding of themselves and of their community.

Jewish Studies is an interdisciplinary academic program at the College of Charleston, focusing on the diverse elements of the Jewish tradition. Students may study Jewish history, Jewish religious practice, Modern Hebrew language, Jewish thought, and culture. Jewish Studies courses are taught by professors from a wide variety of disciplines with very different perspectives. 

Students can earn a major in Jewish Studies by completing 36-40 credit hours of Jewish Studies and other approved courses, or a minor in Jewish Studies by completing 18 credit hours. Students may also fulfill their language requirements by completing four semesters of Hebrew (and very soon, they will be able to do that with other languages, such as German or Arabic). Students interested in enrolling in classes within the Program should contact Associate Director Joshua Shanes.

By far, the majority of students taking Jewish Studies courses are not themselves Jewish. Most students take Jewish Studies courses as a way to appreciate the cultural diversity within the Western tradition. Understanding such diversity fosters a deeper and more self-conscious appreciation of one's own traditions.

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