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Jewish Studies Minor

Students may choose to major or minor in Jewish Studies at the College. In order to earn a minor, students must complete 18 hours of Jewish Studies courses, which must include JWST 210. 18 course hours from the following courses. Additional courses may count toward a Jewish Studies minor with the Director's approval. At least 9 hours at the 200 level or above must be earned at the College of Charleston.

The Jewish Studies Program includes the Zucker/Goldberg Center for Holocaust Studies, and each year hosts a distinguished faculty member to occupy the Arnold Visiting Chair. The Sylvia Vlosky Yaschik Jewish Studies Center is home to a small Judaica library, faculty offices, lounges and meeting facilities that foster academic, cultural and social aspects of Jewish Studies and Jewish student life. The College’s Addlestone library houses the Jewish Heritage Collection, world-class archives on southern Jewish history and culture that offers research resources of exceptional depth to students and scholars. 

Jewish Studies Minor (B.A.)

(18 hours) 


JWST 210 Jewish History I:  Ancient to Modern

Five additional courses from the following list:  

FYSM 124* First-Year Seminar in Jewish Studies

HBRW 101 Elementary Modern Hebrew I

HBRW 102 Elementary Modern Hebrew II

HBRW 201 Intermediate Modern Hebrew I

HBRW 202 Intermediate Modern Hebrew II

HBRW 313 Advanced Modern Hebrew: Conversation and Composition

HBRW 314 Advanced Modern Hebrew: Conversation and Composition

HIST 213 American Jewish History: Colonial Times to the Present

HIST 244* History of Germany

HIST 344* Modern European Cultural History

HIST 345* Modern German Cultural and Intellectual History

HIST 359  Modern Jewish History

JWST 200 The Jewish Tradition/RELS 225 The Jewish Tradition

JWST 215 Jewish History II: Modern to Present

JWST 220 History of Israel

JWST 230 The Holocaust

JWST 240 Jewish Philosophy

JWST 245/ENGL 191 Introduction to Jewish-American Literature

JWST 300 Special Topics in Jewish Studies

JWST 310 Topics in Jewish History

JWST 315 Southern Jewish History 

JWST 320 Topics in American Jewish Culture

JWST 325 Jewish Mysticism 

JWST 330 Representations of the Holocaust

JWST 335 Modern Jewish Politics

JWST 400 Independent Study in Jewish Studies

PHIL 255* Philosophy of Religion

POLS 324 Politics of the Middle East

POLS 339* Special Topics in Comparative Politics

RELS 201 The Old Testament: History and Interpretation

RELS 310* Sacred Texts

*NOTE: These courses must have specifically Jewish content to count towards the Jewish Studies major.

To download the Jewish Studies Minor declaration form, please clickhere.