Edna Banov

Edna Banov is and has always been a role model to her family and to the great number of people with whom she has worked and volunteered. She has challenged, inspired and encouraged countless young people who have been touched by simply meeting and speaking with her. Her energy and generosity have instilled in her children the desire to be social activists and philanthropists, and have made her community a better place. 

Edna was born in 1908 to Pauline and Isaac Ginsberg just six months after they emigrated from Russia. Quick to contribute to the community, she worked as a Candy Striper during World War I at the age of twelve and would again volunteer as a nurse’s aide during World War II. 

She was married 63 years to Milton A. Banov with whom she shared leadership in many civic and religious organizations. They had three children, Linda who now lives in New York, Charles who lives in Charleston, and Caren who lives in Greensboro, NC. 

Of the many posts which she held, Edna was president of Hadassah, president of Old Daughters of Israel Hall, president of the Council of Jewish Women, a charter member of Synagogue Emanu-El and the third president of Emanu-El’s Sisterhood. For fifteen years, she was a board member of the Charleston Cancer Society and several times served as chairperson for local United Way and March of Dimes chapters. For every charity that asked her assistance, she was a tireless fundraiser. 

She also found time to contribute to the Dock Street Theatre as a performer, taking on several character roles in plays. 

Edna, now 94 years young, still writes prolifically in her daily journal and keeps track of her family and extended family by e-mail. Her children and friends still marvel at her boundless optimism, her eagerness to learn new things, and her passion for life.