The Goer Family


In 1950, Ernest Goer made a small charitable pledge to the United Jewish Appeal. Having just taken over his father's toy making business at the time, his donation sprung from a fondness for the community that had supported him and a desire to give back as much as he could. 

Twenty five years later, Goer Toy and Novelty Company had become the Goer Manufacturing Company, a hugely successful enterprise, and in that time, Mr. and Mrs. Goer only grew more active in their service to the Charleston Jewish Community. 

The Goer's Charleston roots began with Ernest's father, Albert Goer. Born the son of Hungarian immigrants, Albert was involved with interior design, particularly for speakeasies. When prohibition ended, the Goer family headed South from their New York home and in 1944, Albert founded Goer Toy and Novelty Company on Meeting Street in Charleston. 

Before taking over his father's business, Ernest attended Washington University in Missouri. There, he became a cadet for the U.S. Air Force in the 385th Bombing Group and later served as an instructor in Kansas City. 

In 1946, Ernest met Miriam Kottelman, a student at the time at the University of South Carolina. A year later, they were married. The couple split their time between their Charleston home and their home in Boca Raton, not far from where Miriam grew up in Orlando. 

The Goers had four children: Alan and Albert Randall who lives in the Charleston area, Stacey who lives in Boca Raton, and Elissa who lives in Santa Barbara, CA, and nine grandchildren, Jonathan, Jeremy, Joslin, Kenzie, Haydon, Nicole, Ryan, Max, and Hannah. 

Ernest Julius Goer 
1925 - 2012 
New York City, New York 
Parents: Irene Goldberg - Goer and Albert Goldberg/Goer, Budapest, Hungary 

Miriam Goer 
Orlando, Florida 
Parents: Ruby and Harry Kottelman, Birmingham, Alabama 

Children: Alan Barry Goer, b. 1949, currently lives in Mt. Pleasant, South Caroling; Stacey Goer Israel, b. , currently lives in Boca Raton, Florida; Albert Randall Goer, b. 1953, currently lives in Charleston, South Carolina; Elissa Goer Ross, b. , currently lives in Santa Barbara, California 
Grandchildren: Jonathan Goldstein, b. 1971, currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Jeremy Goldstein, b. 1973, currently lives in New York City; Joslin Ian Goer, b. 1982, currently a student at Univerity of Texas in Austin, Texas; Kenzie Marcus Goer, b. 1985 and Haydon Louis Goer, b. 1989, currently live in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina; Nicole Goer, b. 1984 and Ryan Michael Goer, b. 1990, currently live in Charleston, South Carolina; Max Goer Ross, b. 1992 and Hannah Caroline Ross, b. 1997, currently live in Santa Barbara, California