Harold and Esther Sherman


Fanny and David Sherman came to America, like many immigrants, for opportunity and a better quality of life. In Germany, the home they left, inflation had soared to a point where a week of work could only buy the family a single goose. David soon brought his family to Worcester, Massachusetts where he became a canter at Temple Emanuel. It was there in Worcester that Harold Sherman was born on August 30th, 1926. 

He grew up in Massachusetts and went on to attend Clark University where he received his Bachelor of Business Administration in 1947. The following year, Harold, known as Buzzy to his friends, moved down to Charleston and began working for Henry Yaschik, a man who would become a seminal influence in his life. After ten years of work for Mr. Yaschik, Buzzy started his own company, buying and selling real estate in the Lowcountry. It was a business that would bring the Sherman family great success, and a business that is still thriving today under the leadership of Buzzy’s son, Howard.

Howard is one of three sons that Mr. Sherman had with his late wife Mrs. Minnie Nussbaum Sherman whose passing came in 1987. Ivan M. Sherman, the oldest of the three, is a doctor in New Orleans, and Mitchell, the youngest, is an attorney in Charleston. Buzzy can also boast three grandchildren, Stacy, Molly, and David, all residing in Charleston. 

In 1988, Buzzy met Esther Gorelow Super and the two were married a year later. A native of South Africa, Esther received her teaching diploma from the University of Capetown in 1968 and her degree in Teaching the Hearing Impaired a year later. In 1981, she earned her Masters Degree in Education from Monash University in Australia. Currently, Esther serves as a board member and outreach chair of the Lion’s of Judah for the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County, Florida. She is also an active board member of the Literary Society of Boca Raton and the Papanicalou Cancer Research Unit in Miami, Florida. 

Throughout his success, Buzzy Sherman has been a committed member of the Jewish community and the community at large. He served as Commissioner of the South Carolina State Finance and Housing Authority, was president of the Charleston Jewish Federation, and was president of the Charleston Jewish Community Center. He also has the distinction of being given a Doctor of Humane Letters from the Medical University of South Carolina. 

Esther and Buzzy currently split their time between their home in Charleston and their home in Florida. It is with particular pride that they contribute to the Sylvia Yaschik Jewish Studies Center as Henry Yaschik was a dear friend. They look forward to a bright future for the Jewish Studies Program that bears his name. 

Harold Sherman: 
Born on August 30th, 1926 in USA 

Esther Sherman: 
Born on February 2nd, 1947 in South Africa 

Ivan M. Sherman, 48, Doctor in New Orleans 
Howard B. Sherman, 46, Real Estate Broker in Charleston 
Mitchell L. Sherman, 42, Attorney in Charleston 

Stacy Sherman, 16, student, Charleston 
Molly Sherman, 12, student Charleston 
David Sherman, infant, Charleston 

Mother: Fanny Sherman, Poland (born 7/30/1901) 
Father: David Sherman, Poland (4/30/1894) 

Mother: Ruth Gordon and Isaac Gordon – South Africa 

Clark University – B.B.A 1947 

Spouse’s Education: 
Teaching Diploma – University of Capetown in 1968 
Degree in Teaching Hearing Impaired – University of Capetown 1969 
Master Degree in Education – Monash University – Australia 1981 

Past President – Charleston Jewish Federation 
Past President – Charleston Jewish Community Center 
Commissioner – S.C. State Finance and Housing Authority 
Doctor of Humane Letters – Medical University of South Carolina