Stanley B. Farbstein

Stanley Farbstein

Stanley Farbstein was born in 1925 in Beaufort, SC, a small tightly-knit community where he grew up and attended school. During the Great Depression of 1929-41, times were tough for the family and the whole community, but his parents, Casper and Esther Getz Farbstein, worked hard to provide for him and his sister, Frances, and to ensure their education. 

Stanley recalls that he greatly benefited from the kindness of friends and neighbors as well as a group of excellent teachers that challenged him throughout his early education. 

Following graduation from high school, Stanley enrolled at Clemson and completed two years there before entering the army during World War II. 

When the war ended, the GI Bill of Rights made it possible for him to return to Clemson and graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering. He recalls once again having the good fortune of excellent teachers throughout his university experience, teachers who could have earned more money in the private sector, but were committed to educating the next generation of engineers.