Stanley and Teddy Feldberg


In communities as diverse and distant as Charleston, SC, Boston, MA, and Crested Butte, CO, Stanley and Teddy Feldberg have dedicated their time and effort to community service. Their commitment and generosity have made possible the Feldberg Library at Dartmouth College, the Feldberg Center for Visual Rehabilitation at the Medical University of South Carolina, the Feldberg Communication Center at Brandeis University, and the Feldberg Professorship of Art at Wellesley College. 

Mr. Feldberg attributes his active involvement in the community to the example that his father and uncle set. Both men worked hard as they founded their own business, but still made time to contribute to their community, setting an example for Stanley and the rest of his family and prompting his desire to be involved. Mrs. Feldberg is equally motivated to give back to the community as she has always found joy in the act of giving. 

Mr. Feldberg's early life was spent in the New England area. He was raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts and attended Dartmouth College, graduating in 1949. From 1942-1946, he served in the United States Air Force. 

Mrs. Feldberg was born in Spartanburg, South Carolina. She moved with her family to New York City when she was nine and went on to attend Wellesley College in Massachusetts, graduating in 1948. 

A blind date brought the couple together and in 1947, they were married. 

As a founding member of the Zayre Corporation, Mr. Feldberg helped to create the first self-service discount department store, a business that would spawn Marshall's Department Store, T. J. Maxx, Home Goods, A. J. Wrights, Winners in Canada, and T.K. Maxx in Europe. Mr. Feldberg served as president of Zayre from its inception in 1956 to 1978. 

The Feldbergs have an outstanding record of public service. The many honors and awards that bear Mr. Feldberg's name include an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from Brandeis University, the Brotherhood Award from the National Conference of Christians and Jews, and the Man of the Year award from the Greater Boston Association for Retarded Citizens. 

Mrs. Feldberg has also dedicated significant time and energy to community causes, serving as President of the Beth Israel Hospital Women's Auxiliary, executive committee member and trustee for Beth Israel Hospital, and committee member and trustee for the Center for Blood Research. She has spent 9 years on the Health Sciences Foundation Board of Trustees at the Medical College of South Carolina and was recently elected a Trustee Emeritus. In May of 2002, both Stanley and Teddy were recipients of Honorary Doctorate Degrees of Humane Letters from MUSC. 

In 1976, the Feldbergs visited Hilton Head Island and would return again several times before eventually establishing residence there in 1984. The Feldbergs were among the founders of Hilton Head's Temple Beth Yam. 

Stanley and Teddy have two children: Mark, who attended Dartmouth, and Margery, who attended Brandeis University and Dartmouth College and earned her MBA from Columbia University. 

Stanley Harris Feldberg 
July 19, 1924 
Cambridge, Massachusettes 

Parents: Elizabeth Feldberg, b. December 25, 1902, Russia and Max Feldberg, b. September 30, 1897, Russia 

Education: Dartmouth College, B.A in 1949. 

Honors/Titles: Member of the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Board; Chairman of the Board, Tuck Business School, Dartmouth College; Chairman of the Board, Medical Service Corporation; Chairman of the Board, Beth Israel Hospital, Boston; 1942-48, served in the U.S. Air Force; Founder, Temple Beth Yam, Hilton Head, SC; awarded Brotherhood Award, National Conference of Christians & Jews, 1964; awarded Man of the Year from Greater Boston Association for Retarded Citizens, 1965; awarded Doctor of Humane Letters Honorary Degree from Brandeis University, 1988; Previous Corporate Director of MBA, Inc. Northland, the TJX Companies, inc., and Waban, Inc. and is trustee of the Feldberg Family Foundation and the Stanley H. and Theodora L. Feldberg Foundation. Currently chairman on the Board of Directors for the Storm Eye Institute 

Theodora Lehrer Feldberg 
August 10, 1927 
Spartanburg, South Carolina 

Parents: Charlotte Lehrer and Samuel Lehrer 

Education: Wellesley College, B.A in 1948 

Honors/Titles: Member of the Board for the Music Festival, Crested Butte, CO; Retired Associate Director of Development at Harvard Medical School; Trustee, Stanley H. and Theodora L. Feldberg Foundation and Trustee Emeritus for the Health Sciences Foundation of MUSC; formerly President of the Beth Israel Hospital Women?s Auxiliary; served on the executive committee and as a trustee for Beth Israel Hospital, as well as the Center for Blood Research; served as secretary for Buttes Condominium Association; served as chairman of the board for the Elk Run Homeowners Association, as well as the Friends of Dartmouth College Library and was a trustee for Hampshire College. 

Children: Mark Feldberg, b. 1951, currently lives in Carmel, CA and Margery Feldberg, b. 1953, currently lives in New York City, NY 

Grandchildren: Matthew and Marielle Feldberg; Danielle and Eve Levin